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Samsung Gear IconX vs Apple AirPods – Similar Appearance | Different Functionality

Samsung Gear IconX vs Apple AirPods – Similar Appearance | Different Functionality

by Sadaf AmritaSeptember 19, 2016

The release of Iphone 7 and Iphone 7 plus, was met with a lukewarm response by its consumers as they couldn’t quite figure out what  exactly was new about it except for the lack of earphone jacks, which intrigued few and pissed off a lot of its users.  Apple made up for it by introducing their version of wireless earphones, the Apple Aipods.

Now Apple is not the first company to introduce  the concept of wireless earphones to its consumers. Months before Apples iphone 7 release, Samsung had already released  its own set of wireless earphones : The Samsung Gear Icon X.

Although at first glance the difference between the two earphones isn’t very much other than their general appearance but in terms of functionality and features, they are miles apart. Here’s a few things you should know before investing on either product :


Size and Colour

Samsung Gear Icon X earphones are designed to fit snugly into your ear, coming in three different ear tip and wingtip sizes, such as Large, medium and Small, based on your ear size. It comes in three different colours, Black, White and Blue.

Apple Airpods have maintained the shape of a regular earplug and comes in only one colour, White.



The Gear Icon X has a storage capacity of 4GB, the ability to store up to 1000 of your favourite songs. However, the usable memory is less the 3.5 GB

The Airpods have no storage capacity, but can be connected to your iphone library via infrared sensors to play your favourite songs.

Battery Life

Perhaps the most important feature to users today, the Gear IconX disappoints its users in this category as the charge only last an hour if music is being streamed via Bluetooth, and 3 hours when playing stored music on a single charge.

According to Apple, the Airpods can last up to 5 hours on a single charge while its charging case acts as a power bank that can hold charge for about 24 hours.


The Sumsung Gear IconX is only compatible with devices with android KitKat version or above and a minimum 1.5 GB ram.

The Airpods is compatible with all apple devices, such as Apple Watch, Macbook, Iphone and Ipad, irrespective of any OS version and storage capacity

Special Features

The Aipods have an inbuilt infrared optical sensor which allows it to sense when one or the other pod has been placed on your ear. This means the music will only start once the pods are on your ear and if you have one pod in one ear, the music will only play on that pod. A series of taps on the pods can activate them, control music playback and its speech detector accelerometer and beam forming microphones allows you to focus on your calls and filters out external noise.

The Grear IconX is portrayed by Samsung as a “fitness earbud” , capable of tracking your heart-rate, speed, distance covered, and calories burnt while you’re working out or on a run. It is conveniently sweet proof, thus waterproof, and if you’re ever afraid that you might get into an accident while using them on the road, you can switch on your ambience sensors just in case.



In terms of price, the Apple AirPods are cheaper, at $159, compared to the Samsung Gear IconX which is priced at $203.

In terms of price and battery life, sure the Airpods seem like a good deal, but then again Samsung wins in terms of features and functionality, but we’ll leave it up to you, our dearest readers, to decide which one you like best.



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