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4 Different Ways To Use Emoji On Your Android

4 Different Ways To Use Emoji On Your Android

by Shamim FerdousJanuary 7, 2017

It was 18 years earlier from now. In 1999 Japan, when emojis were born. Since then, it kept changing the way of texting. I still remember those Happy Birthday messages with birthday cake and smiley emoji on my Symbian phone. Well, things have changed a lot now because of Android and iOS. Emojis has taken over everything now. From default messaging app to Facebook or Instagram. Emoji are ruling everywhere. And why not? Imagine, you two are texting. She just said something funny. You laughed. Laughed a lot. Now, how you’ll reply? “Ha! Ha! That was funny honey!! I laughed a lot. Tears of joy are coming out of my eye. Ha Ha!” Well, this isn’t cool. Is it? But this one, ” ? ?” Yeah!! This one is cool. And undeniably, this is one of the many reasons why emojis has become an inseparable part of our life nowadays.

But alongside with these regular use, there are many inventive ways to use emoji on your Android smartphone. Hyped? Okay, let’s jump onto it.


App Folders

Has an organized Folder for similar types of app on your android homescreen? Rename that folder. Add some related emojis now. And will definitely change the look and feel of your homescreen.



Got a group of friends you play football regularly? Add on a group in your contact app. Then set a football as the group name. It will allow you to find them more quickly and elegantly. Is your boss annoying too much on the office? Add a Pistol and Knife emoji beside his name. You can also do the same for your girlfriend. ?



It’s 7 o’clock in the morning. Alarm ranging. Need some inspiration? Label it with a BOMB emoji. It will help you.



Wanna make your email stand out in someone’s inbox? Perhaps emojis can help. Most email services nowadays support emoji. Try adding some. Definitely it will attract some attention.


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