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5 Life Saving Medical Apps You Should Install On Your Android

5 Life Saving Medical Apps You Should Install On Your Android

by Shamim FerdousMarch 9, 2017

Being healthy is not an easy job. At least not in these modern days. Because, no matter who you are, what your profession or age is undoubtedly you end up your day staring hours at monitors. Staring a long time at monitors every day increases the risk of CVS which is also known as Computer Vision Syndrome. But well, this is a part of our life now and we are not going to talk about that in this article. If you want to know more about that and learn how-to choose the right monitor for your daily use can simply go through this article.  

Now it’s not like the android smartphone you kept using 24/7 just makes adverse effects on your health. Technically it does but there is also tons of robust medical apps available for your android which will assist you a lot to lead a happy and healthy life. So, without any further ado let’s take a look at those apps:


Telenor’s Tonic is a significant health-related app currently available in Bangladesh which aims to solve local health challenges through technology. This app features a customizable homepage that provides different & useful health related tips to users. This app also lets you find nearby hospital and pharmacies where you will also get a convenient discount. Another great feature of this app is, it provides cash benefits to patients admitted to different hospitals which is capped to BDT – 2000 a year. Tonic app also lets you contact with a specialist tonic doctor anytime for any kinds of medical help for a cost of BDT 5/Minute. Download Now on Google Play!

Zombies, Run

When it comes to fitness, running is the most important thing. And to run, we all need some inspiration, don’t we? Well, how about some Zombie apocalypse? Meet “Zombies, Run!” A game as well as a fitness app that will make you run for your life. This is a really amazing fitness app where you have to run and collect supplies as you run to complete missions. It features more than 200 action-packed mission. Download Now on Google Play!


Drug Information Management System is one of the most comprehensive and advanced drug index apps of Bangladesh. Here you can search for a specific drug by brands, generics, classes or condition and the app will provide you detailed information like dosage, contraindications, side effects, therapeutic class, pack size, price etc. The interface is also pretty simple so anyone can quickly find and know-about what they’re looking for. Download Now on Google Play!


Red Cross First Aid

Accident happens. And when it happens we often don’t know what to do or how to handle the situation. Here comes Red Cross’ official First Aid app. This app provides step by step guide and expert advice for everyday emergency scenarios. Bleeding, heart attack, broken bone or a hurricane, whatever the scenario is this app provide expertise support. These features of this app also work in offline so you won’t have to worry about cellular service. Download Now on Google Play! 


Maya Apa

Talking about the perspective of Bangladesh where there is a restricted ambiance for women, Maya Apa is the perfect health-related app for Q&A. Here people [especially women] can anonymously make quarries about health, fitness, mental, social & legal issues. A specialist will follow up your query and get back to you in less than an hour. Users can make quarries by sending text, voice message, image or by directly making a call. The whole service is absolutely free. Download Now on Google Play!



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