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Best Android Launcher 2016 [Top Five]

Best Android Launcher 2016 [Top Five]

by Shamim FerdousDecember 30, 2016

From the beginning of Android Era Launchers have always been an inalienable part of it. Feeling tired by staring at the same icons and interface on your Android Home Screen? No worries! A well launcher app can give your Android a completely new makeover. You can change screen transition, icons, theme, font; can add tons of cool widgets, tweak performance and what not! The whole Play store is crawling with thousands of Launcher App. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to choose the right one for your device among them. That’s why we’ve sorted Top Five Best Android Launcher of 2016.

Arrow Launcher


The reason why Arrow Launcher is living at the top of the Best Android Launcher 2016 list because it’s lightweight, fast, efficient and top of that, this launcher has a lot to offer. With this launcher, Microsoft just made its debut in the launcher market. This app makes your life easier by ranking apps, text messages, photos, contact based on daily use. It also provides a pretty much handful reminder widget and ability to view local and cloud documents quickly. It’s less memory consumption rate has made it faster and even popular to thousands of Android lover.

APUS Launcher


APUS launcher was designed keeping one thing in mind — the perfect balance between performance and personalization. And in this part, the developers completely nailed it. The launcher comes with a universal search bar and a APUS Boost feature. And if you are worrying about customizing your interface, this launcher provides more than 2,000 themes and 15,000 HD wallpapers. And of course, they are absolutely free. This launcher also has some real handy feature. For example, swipe down from home screen and this launcher will bring information like traffic updates, weather reports, and trending news. With more than 300 million users worldwide surely APUS is one of the Best Android Launcher of 2016 that you can use.

Buzz Launcher


The reason why Buzz Launcher shreds his way at number 3 in our Best Android Launcher 2016 list is, it is one of the most highly customizable launcher that you will ever find in the Play store. The launcher contains a user created library of more than 1 million themes, wallpapers and widgets which you can download for free.


Action Launcher 3


Action Launcher has always been one of the most favorite and popular launcher to Android maniacs. Its definitive Material Design brings the feel of Pixel Launcher. It also brings tons of new exciting feature. Quickcuts to use Android 7.1’s new app shortcuts on earlier versions of Android. Quickbar to customize the Google search bar with shortcuts and apps of your choosing. Quick theme to pick up accent from your wallpaper and plenty more.

Google Now Launcher


Google’s very own stock Android Launcher takes the 5th place in our Best Android Launcher 2016 list. Google Now gives you the ability to swipe right on the home screen to see list of Google Now cards that bring you just the right information, at just the right time. The launcher gives you a clean and fast user interface and “Ok Google” which is always ready to hear you. You can do your everyday task such as sending text, calling someone, controlling music or posting tweet without ever touching your phone.

Honorable Mentions

Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher 3, Yahoo Aviate, Apex Launcher, Go Launcher, Next Launcher, Solo Launcher, Themer.



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