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How To Change The Log-On Screen Of Your Old Windows XP/Vista/7

How To Change The Log-On Screen Of Your Old Windows XP/Vista/7

by Arshadina Umara NajibJanuary 5, 2017

Ever wanted your favorite anime or gaming character to be the first thing to see when the logon screen pops up? Do you know you can do this WITHOUT ever touching the registry file? SAY HEEELOOW! to Stardock’s Log on Studio. I’ve been using this 100% free dead simple application for a long time. Remember this utility will work only for Windows XP, vista, and 7. So if you are using Windows 10 and wanna know how to change the login screen wait for our next How-To.

1. Download the application using this link.


2. Install the exe and open it.

3. Ok, so to set your own logon-screen click CREATE on the left-side. The following in the picture will show up. Now my favorite anime character is Kazama Chikzge. So I’ll use his pictures. Select BROWSE to locate your pictures.

4. After selecting your picture, it will be on your Stardock app. Just right-click and select APPLY. You will be taken to the log-on screen.

There you go!! Kazama Chikage-one of my many favorite anime characters. Yea I get you, but Kazama never smiles so let’s try something else.

A light-hearted picture?                                                                                Something  Sci-Fi?

Or you’re favorite gaming character? It’s all up to your imagination. GIVE IT GO! For more like this check out our How-To section.



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