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Create Stories with Google’s TOONTASTIC 3D

Create Stories with Google’s TOONTASTIC 3D

by Arshadina Umara NajibJanuary 22, 2017

Once upon a time when I was a kid in the 90’s I used to play interactive story- games created by educational software company, The Learning Company. The games featured classic stories like “The Three Little Pigs”. The games made us laugh as they allowed you to poke at the characters who expressed humor and sometimes irritation. You could also send mails to the characters asking them silly questions and the characters in return replied back to you.

Luckily kids today have better choices with Google’s Toontastic 3D that lets children create and tell their own stories with character and background creation.

There are also pre-made background settings such as the high school, temple, space, sea and more. In addition, there are many pre-made characters that can be selected and can be further edited to your liking.

Here’s a list that highlights the main features that make this app unique:

1.Replace character’s face with a selfie.

2. Add music to set the mood.


3. Record your own voice for the character’s voice.


4. Demonstrate scientific experiment through the Science Report option.

The only downside to this app, in my opinion, is that the app won’t work on ordinary smartphones. Tablets and latest smartphones work for this app. Still, this app is totally a new approach for creating stories with animation, action and background setting for better story experience for families and kids to enjoy.



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