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First “Space Apps Next Gen” Hackathon Bangladesh Will Be Held This Month At UIU

First “Space Apps Next Gen” Hackathon Bangladesh Will Be Held This Month At UIU

by Shamim FerdousJanuary 9, 2017

ICT Division, Bangladesh Computer Council and Bangladesh Innovation Forum are about to organize a two-day high school space hackathon for the first time in Bangladesh. The 36 hour longer event will be held on 27th and 28th this month at United International University (UIU).

Space Apps Next Gen is basically a Nasa innovation incubator program. This event gathers students from a wide variety of school so that they can learn, collaborate and engage with publicly available data to create innovative solution for real-world scientific challenges.

According to Space Apps Bangladesh,

This event will bring around 100 mentors together and expose more than 500 students to the powerful fusion of data and programming with science, tapping their potential to solve the problems of tomorrow.

To participate each team will have to register first with a suggested maximum 4 members and 1 mentor who will provide direction and technical assistance. At first, the organizer will select up to 50 teams for the final round which will be reduced to 3 teams in the end. Later this 3 team will compete with the champions of other 5 countries to make their idea stand out.

A glimpse of last year NYC’s event. Source: Jeanne Brooks’s Medium Blog

If you’re interested you can register online now using this link. 

To know more about the hackathon check this – last year New York City’s event details & Liveblog.
To know what happened and who won on past Space Apps Challenge visit this website.

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