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Heared About Maya Apa?

Heared About Maya Apa?

by Jasmin JuiJanuary 4, 2017

[punica-dropcap style=”square”]M[/punica-dropcap]AYA – the company that started its journey back in 2010 just like a blog has now created one of the most amazing local-problem-solving android application for Bangladeshi women. After 4 years since it was founded, in 2014 MAYA launches its very own app named Maya Apa. And after starting the app MAYA collaborated with BRAC to create a much bigger and better community for women.

Mainly MAYA highlights feminism with their work. The app is an informative app which serves people by giving solutions of their quarries or any kind of complications about their life. Its specialty is all these can be done ANNONEMOUSLY. Actually, It’s more helpful for a female in a country like Bangladesh. Because as a developing country and as Bangladesh have a restricted ambiance for women so, it helps them a lot as it doesn’t reveal their identities.

Here’s a simple example:

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Question: There is a ringing sound in my right year for quite some time. What should i do?

Dear User,
Thank you for your question.

Do you have ear ache? Did you notice if its wet or dry – during shower if any water went inside eardrum? Does it itches ? Is there any discharge – blood, clear watery smelly – from your ear?

If all the answers are no , then no need to be worried. Its winter season. Due to weather sometimes unknowingly we go outside without covering our ear and the cold breeze goes inside ear , throat and nose and may cause tingling and due to water or equilibrium sometimes we may listen o feel noises , blocked ear and mild pain.

For this you should cover your ear when you go outside specially in early morning and after dawn time .

Put on winter clothes. Drink warm water. at bed time put warm olive oil with garlic mashed in it – one – two drop In both ear for next seven days . Put cotton balls inside ear not too small during shower so that water cant go inside eardrum. Do not use hair clip , pin , cotton bud or any object to poke or itch inside ear ever. warm olive oil will automatically be soaked . So do not be worried and definitely put it while you are lying on the other side . Gradually it will go away and you will better .

If any discharge then do not do this and see an ENT specialist.

I hope we have helped you.
If you have any further questions please contact Maya Apa again,
Always by your side,

Maya Apa.

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MAYA expanding their networks constantly. All the experts behind the network work for the solutions of all the quarries. All the interrogations and solutions are circulated on their websites. In such a critical and busy ambiance all the people can get quick solutions of all their complications.

All these has made Maya Apa a big example of how technology is getting embedded in social life and solving a lot of problems.



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