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April 10, 2017

Portbliss Is Coming With A New Game But It’s Not From Heroes of 71 Franchise

The Heroes of 71 and Heroes of 71 Retaliation both was a tremendous success for the developer Portbliss. Back in 27th December 2016, the Heroes of 71 franchise surpassed 2 million download mark on Google Play Store. On that moment, the game still had 3.6 million active players and was played for more than 23.8 million times.

All these happened within just a year after release. Undoubtedly, Heroes of 71 is now the most popular and most played video game series ever made in Bangladesh. But as it is quite a while now since Heroes of 71 Retaliation was released, a big question is thriving among people. What’s next?

To find the answer we approached to team Portbliss. [...]

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March 6, 2017

Say Hello! To Barbie Hologram

A doctor, a vet, an astronaut, a big sister and even a computer scientist, Barbie at the age of 58 has now taken the path for girls in the form of a hologram. Mattel wants to let girls experience a new way to play with Barbie and this time it means being able to play all day. The hologram will be sold on the market in late summer.

Mattel says the toy will be sold for less than $300

The hologram will feature:

Speech recognition Give you light during night time. Giving kids weather reports Alarms Daily reminders Choreograph the doll’s dance moves.


Toy maker’s major competitors are now smartphones and tablets. So toy makers are evolving [...]

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January 9, 2017

First “Space Apps Next Gen” Hackathon Bangladesh Will Be Held This Month At UIU

ICT Division, Bangladesh Computer Council and Bangladesh Innovation Forum are about to organize a two-day high school space hackathon for the first time in Bangladesh. The 36 hour longer event will be held on 27th and 28th this month at United International University (UIU).

Space Apps Next Gen is basically a Nasa innovation incubator program. This event gathers students from a wide variety of school so that they can learn, collaborate and engage with publicly available data to create innovative solution for real-world scientific challenges.

According to Space Apps Bangladesh,

This event will bring around 100 mentors together and expose more than 500 students to [...]

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January 5, 2017

The Future Of Windows 10’s UI Is All About Animations, Simplicity, and Consistency

Software Giant Microsoft is planning to bring an update for Windows 10 later this year which will refresh the User Interface of the OS. Code-named as Project Neon, it was first reported by MSPoweruser last year. Well, this time they have managed to take a closer look. 2 screenshots they published some moments ago shows that, the concept of project Neon heavily focus on animations, simplicity and consistency. 

Well this isn’t going to give you a major overhaul of Windows 10’s interface. Instead, it is a minor enhancement of the current windows 10 UI which is also known as MDL2. 

According to the report,

Microsoft is going to introduce a new [...]

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Portbliss Is Coming With A New Game But It’s Not From Heroes of 71 Franchise
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