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Did Xiaomi Just UPSTAGE The iPhone 8 With Mi Mix?

Did Xiaomi Just UPSTAGE The iPhone 8 With Mi Mix?

by Shamim FerdousNovember 6, 2016

A few days earlier the “Apple of China” — Xiaomi unveiled a new phone with a stunning 6.4-inch Bazzel-free curved display. The design of the phone was done with the help of iconic designer Philippe Starck. Instead of regular Aluminum, the phone was made from CERAMIC.

iphone 8 xiaomi mi mix

Xiaomi Mi Mix is an absolute stunner. It has an impressive screen-to-body ratio of 91.3% which is a “WoW”. Under the hood a Snapdragon 821 chipset pairing with an Adreno 530 GPU, 4/6 GB of Ram and 128/256 GB of storage. But its engineering is even more impressive. Due to the vast screen, Xiaomi had to remove the top bezel’s sensors and earpiece. Instead of the regular mechanism, they have placed the speaker below the display and using ceramic vibrations that user can head the audio from a call. Even they have moved the front-facing selfie camera down to the bottom right.

Before the release of iPhone 7, there was numerous amount of rumor indicating towards a futuristic, bezel or borderless phone even where there will be no home button. The hype was real at that time. Many baseless futuristic concept images were floating on the internet. Just like the one down here:

iphone 8 xiaomi mi mix

But in the end, we all know it didn’t become the reality. The design of iPhone 7 was insanely identical to the iPhone 6, even made it pretty hard to separate two of them. And for this, naturally, Apple had to receive tons- of waves-of criticism.

But again on the other side of the coin, it was a common knowledge known to all that Apple is saving their next big & insane design for 2017 – for the 10th anniversary of iPhone. And again it is truly believed that the iPhone 8 will feature something like futuristic.

iphone 8 xiaomi mi mix

The Macrumor also says similar thing.

“Rumors suggest it’s going to be a radical redesign, with an edge-to-edge display that does away with the top and bottom bezels…”

Well if that is so, then didn’t Xiaomi just upstaged the iPhone 8?

Look at the Mi Mix. It looks like it came from the future. It has almost a full bezel-free screen. It’s thin. It has rounded corner. It has some very intelligent engineering to beef up all the regular features with the unique design. Its specs are top of the line. And yeah! It does look very familiar with the concept picture of iPhone 8 that is believed and also heavily rumored to be true [kinda]. And indeed it’s for real. You can buy it.

iphone 8 xiaomi mi mix

iphone 8 xiaomi mi mix

There’s no telling what is gonna happen. What Apple is about to do with the iPhone 8. But it’s sure in-order-to full fill its immense potential, Apple has to bring something more WOW this time!

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