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One Plus 3 – Review

One Plus 3 – Review

by Avijit BasakOctober 11, 2016

One Plus announced their fourth smartphone back in June. This device is generally known as One Plus 3 or Three. The One Plus 3 is a marvel, a stunning phone in almost every way that takes the game to the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10 and even to the iPhone 6S.
One Plus Three Featured Image
Though the previous One Plus devices compromised a bit but the new One Plus 3 doesn’t. This device runs with a powerful processor named “snapdragon 820.” It has a 6 GB RAM which makes the phone faster than ever. If you are thinking to buy a smartphone in budget price than definitely won’t miss it.

Key Specs

Features OnePlus 3  Display  5.5-inch full HD (1920×1080 pixels)  
Processor Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 quad-core  RAM  6GB
Storage 64GB (non-expandable)  Rear Camera  16-megapixel with LED flash
Front Camera 8-megapixel  Battery  3,000mAh
OS Android 6.0.1-based OxygenOS 3  Price 38,500BDT/ 329 £/399$


Design and Features of One Plus 3

One Plus is a Chinese brand which always tries to improve itself. If we see the previous devices we will see many faults which almost resolved with the brand new version, One Plus 3. In One Plus 1, the body was covered with all plastic affairs, somewhat like ‘sandstone’ finish. A little improvement was made with the One Plus 2. In this phone the body had metal sides retained the plastic rear. But the design has improved a lot this time. The brand new One Plus 3 offers you a metal as well as a glass covered body which makes it shiner than ever before. Besides the 7.44 mm thick aluminum frame made this device more stunning.

The One Plus 3 comes with a 5.5” optic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors. For protection this device has Corning Gorilla Glass 4 with fully metal back. Besides, it has a great fingerprint scanner, which is located on the same position as it was one the One Plus 2. It is a non-clicky pad that sits below the screen. This pad works whether display is on or off and it is really fast. It is also possible to use it as a “Home” soft key. The hardware back and “apps” soft key are marked as white LED dots.

one-plus-three-build-002one-plus-three-build-001 one-plus-three-build-003

Screen of One Plus 3

One Plus 3 has a 5.5’ screen with AMOLED display. This is a decent screen, with caveats that some people might not care about. The colors are deliberate, after all part of what One Plus calls “Optic” AMOLED, which narrates One Plus’s tweaking of Super AMOLED.

The previous One Plus devices featured LCD screen which was very lower like a brand like them. Like I told, One Plus is a brand which always tries to improve itself. So, One Plus 3 continues with a Optic AMOLED Samsung screen. Though there were some minor problems with the One Plus X display which mostly concerned brightness managements has been fixed with the One Plues 3. Its 5.5” display comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, resulting in pixel density of 401 ppi. The sharpness of One Plus 3 is awesome and the black level is totally perfect. Comparing with Samsung Galaxy S7, the One Plus 3’s colors are overcooked. This doesn’t seems good because colors on the screen appear less natural than a display that’s been carefully calibrated to the RGB standard. This problem makes the super AMOLED display a little less evident for much of the time.

Software of One Plus 3

The One Plus 3 runs with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow based on it’s Oxygen OS interface layered on the top. We’ve noticed quite a lot change in the hardware from the previous One Plus devices in this but talking about software, well it’s quite the same.

It introduces a new mode called “Dark”, which turns the apps page and settings menu black. You can also customize hardware and software keys quite a bit. By adding extra gestures you can also make the soft keys work harder. For example, you can make a feature like, the camera will open for pressing the back button for long time.

The latest Android Marshmallow makes the The One Plus 3 work smoother, offering a way more accessible and amazing interface than what it was back in the One Plus X. And you can always hunt down the settings menu for more amazing stuffs.


Camera of One Plus 3

The primary camera of One Plus 3 is 16 Mega Pixel which lets you take the best quality picture, Colors are great. The photo you take with this device gives you excellent sharpness and superb contrast. Moreover, the exposure of the One Plus 3 is very reliable. It lets you take a great picture in a low light environment. Besides the One Plus 3 never suffers from major over exposure.

The secondary or so called front camera of One Plus 3 is 8 MP. This offers you to take a much better and amazing selfie. Though One Plus 2 had a problem with it’s camera but now it’s fixed one the newer version, One Plus 3.

You can capture videos in 2160 p resolution yep, in 4k resolution at 30 FPS. Turing the resolution down to 720p and you will get 120 FPS with auto HDR. You can store all your memorable moments with this amazing camera of One Plus 3.

one-plus-three-camera-002 one-plus-three-camera-001

Battery and Sound Quality of One Plus 3

The battery of One Plus 3 is not so noticeable as it should be. The display of One Plus 3 is super AMOLED. But in tests, its was tested by playing 720p MP4 movie and it lasted for 17 hours 25 mins. Even a 30 minutes of Racing game dropped the battery down to 12 %. – via Trusted Review

Though we’ve got some great features from the new One Plus 3 but a phone with features like this needs more power to run well. Which is a big demerit of this device because even One Plus 2 has a battery with better capacity than this.

Comparing to other flagship smartphones One Plus 3 has a louder speaker delivering a nice clean sound. But sound quality isn’t better than its other competitor smartphones.

one-plus-three-performance-004 one-plus-three-performance-003


For once again, One Plus has delivered an amazing phone in such a low price which is really worthy of living side by side with many other branded flagship. We have seen many amazing features like dash charging with and amazing build in such an amazing price. Surely there’s not too many smartphones available in the market with a body like this with such a price. Yep! There’s maybe some great phones carrying equal features like this but comparing to the price per feature ratio, well, we have to admit One Plus 3 is marvelous than anything else.





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