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Electronic Arts E3 2016 – Leaving the E3 floor but not the Stage, Games We Are Waiting For

Electronic Arts E3 2016 – Leaving the E3 floor but not the Stage, Games We Are Waiting For

by Shamim FerdousJune 5, 2016

Battlefield 1, Mass Effect Andromeda, Titanfall 2,  A New Star Wars

E3 2016! The biggest gaming show of this world is about to take place from June 14-16, at the Los Angeles Convention Center — The Mecca of Game World. When this E3 has got all the excitement upon on it, Electronic Arts, one of the main attraction of the event is skipping the show! Unlike years of tradition EA is not gonna set up a both on the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

This time EA has announced for a new event call EA PLAY! It will take place at Club Nokia on June 12 at 2 PM GMT+6 [Bangladeshi Time].


Following the previous E3 this time EA has a lot of products to unleash. The major excitement starts when the Battlefield 1 trailer was live. Unlike its predecessor EA is getting back in the time at their most popular series Battlefield. The reveal trailer almost made a little earth quake on the game world. Check our previous article on it.

Personally I am most excited about the multiplayer! Yes there is some huge things is gonna gonna happen there but just think about the small things for a second. Too many pump action weapons on the multiplayer will definitely give you a different taste this time. Plus all those melee weapons – of course I wanna take some guy down with a trench shovel.


So some more gameplay of Battlefield 1 on this E3 is really anticipating.

We are also waiting for Titanfall 2 and Mass Effect Andromeda. The worldwide reveal of Titanfall 2 is gonna happen in June 12th. However, Mass Effect Andromeda was first teased at the previous E3. Since then we haven’t got anything, so hope we will find something about this on this E3. There is also a rumor that EA will also reveal a Star Wars game this time. Will they? Dunno! But EA is just leaving the floor, not the stage. So keep your eye open on this E3.

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