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Heroes of 71 Franchise Passed 2 Million Download Mark!

Heroes of 71 Franchise Passed 2 Million Download Mark!

by Shamim FerdousDecember 27, 2016

Heroes of 71 – the first ever Bangladeshi android game franchise that upholds the great Liberation War of Bangladesh just passed 2 million download landmark on Google Play Store today. Developed by Portbliss, Heroes of 71 franchise started its journey back on 16 December 2015 by releasing the first part of the series “Heroes of 71.” Then following it’s trail, it’s sequel Heroes of 71: Retaliation” came on 26 March, 2016. Within a year after release it has become the most downloaded video game series ever made in Bangladesh.

According to the developer Portbliss, Heroes of 71 is downloaded 1 million times from the Google Play Store and has around 2 million, active players at this moment. This game is also played for 14 million times which is absolutely brilliant and fascinating.

On the other hand, Heroes of 71: Retaliation has also surpassed 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store and has 1.6 million active players. The number of time Retaliation is played is 9.8 million.

All these significant results have made Heroes of 71 the most popular and most played mobile based video game built in Bangladesh. That’s why there’s no doubt that for this success Portbliss is now playing the role of an ace in the gaming industry of Bangladesh.

Portbliss’s Head of Operation, Tanzil Tafheem said to Times Bee that,

“It was an experiment. And we believe in a motto that content matters.”

The Heroes of 71 and Heroes of 71: Retaliation both are free to play games and doesn’t contain any in-app purchase. But Tanzil indicates that in future they could bring paid contents. He also mentioned about piracy and how the music industry of Bangladesh suffered because of that.

“There was a time when the music industry of Bangladesh suffered a lot becase of piracy. Many singers left music because of that. But we believe the Game industry in Bangladesh In shah Allah will give the proper value of contents.”

Tanzil also talked about problems regarding online payment in Bangladesh and said they are working with TeleCommunication companies to overcome that.

“Meanwhile, we are working with TeleCommunication companies to create a proper payment gateway. So that people can easily pay for contents they like and enjoy them without any hassle.”




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