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How to choose the right monitor for gaming or office use

How to choose the right monitor for gaming or office use

by Shamim FerdousDecember 31, 2016

Do you see what you want to see? Is it safe for your eye?

No matter if you are a gamer or a regular office goer you end up your day after staring hours at a computer monitor. It’s just the part of our modern workday. Sitting in front of a computer every day for a long time increases the risk of Digital Eye Strain which is also known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This CVS is mainly a group of common vision-problems that occurs because of staring long time at a digital screen. These problem are like –

  • Eyes strain
  • Dry Eyes
  • Headache
  • Blurred Vision
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Tearing
  • Burning Eyes etc.



A main reason behind CVS is choosing the inappropriate monitor for your daily use. If your monitor shows flicker, blurry image, glare or tearing and other motion related issues, it can do some serious harm to your eyes. That’s why choosing the right monitor that gives you crystal quality display without causing any harm to your eyes is a very important thing. As I’ve mentioned before, aside from the fact if you are a hardcore gamer or a daily office warrior, your monitor should bear the right balance of resolution, color quality, viewing angle, refresh rate and value of money. And of course a monitor which has a good eye care technology to give you that needed comfort.


The best monitor for you should relay on some factors. To start off, in your profession what monitor you would want to use? Is it gaming or office work? If for former than what kind of gamer are you? PC gamer or a console gamer? Does it fit your budget etc. Remember, meeting your own preference according to your need is the most important part.

Best Monitor for Regular Gamer:

If you are a regular PC gamer who play games sitting in front of a screen / monitor, a 27’’ monitor with 2560 x 1440p resolution should be nice for you. It provides a fantastic Quad High-Definition display with a really sharp image quality. As a PC gamer you would want to beef-up your monitor with a suitable graphics card, as it is also very important. If your graphics card is unable to handle the latest games with 1440p resolution you can go for a monitor with resolution of 1920 x 1080. Now there are many 27’’ monitors comes with a 1080p display alongside with 24’’s. Always remember that in terms of resolution: the higher is always better. If GPU is strong enough than opt for a monitor with higher resolution. There is many modern 28/32/34’’ 4k monitor with QHD display which will really give you an incredible experience though you will need insane cash for your GPU in order to play latest games on 4K. Make sure that the monitor you are going to buy at least comes with 120Hz refresh rate and 2ms response rate. These are just ideal numbers, but for the best possible gaming experience try to get a monitor which has 144Hz refresh rate with 1ms response time. Important things while choosing your monitor: Adaptive Refresh Technology. Both AMD and Nvidia have their own Adaptive Refresh Technology, which is called Free Sync and G-Sync. Both of them are designed to prevent tearing, input lag and to smooth out gameplay. Also choose the monitor according to your Graphics card manufacturer. If you have an AMD card, patch it up with a Free Sync monitor and if you own a Nvidia card than simply go for a G-Sync.


Conventional Monitor

1ms Gaming Monitor







AMD FreeSynch


Best Monitor for Regular Office Warrior:

For a regular office ‘’Spartan’’, there is not much to watch out for. Simply you can go for a 24’’ 1080p or 1080i monitor. If you need a bigger screen with more sharp image quality than go for a 27’’ 1440p monitor. For multitasking you can go for a big 32/34’’ display, as graphics card is not an issue here until your job is to render some heavy videos and images every day. If you need a dual-desktop setup than it’s better to go for a big ultra wide monitor instead. It will give you more comfort while working long time. To add to the comfort, for both the cases, try to add an ergonometric arm to hold the monitor, which will allow you to swivel the hardware according to your desired comfort & viewing angle.

Best Monitor for Console

Console gamers nowadays like to play games on monitor instead of a TV. So if you are a console gamer and prefer monitor to a TV then you have to choose your monitor wisely. As frame and refresh rate of both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is limited to 60 fps and Hz so it will be not a wise idea to go for a monitor with refresh rate more than 60/75 Hz. Because to fill the rest of the refresh rate it will use artificially created frame rates which is way different than what a real frame is. On the other hand current generation consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only run games at 1920 x 1080 resolution. So as you can probably guess, the best choice for you is a 1080p monitor with a 60/75 Hz refresh rate. The monitor should contain 1 or 2ms response time and that’s just what you need.

The Eye Care:

Now for your eye protection make sure that the monitor comes with a blue light filter and loads of customization ability with brightness-contrast controls and more. Make sure that the monitor you want to buy don’t reflect too much light back on to your eyes because that, will cause eye strain and fatigue. It totally has to be flicker free. Make sure to check the factory ergonometric that let’s you pan & tilt as you would want for the comfort, which is needed during your long marathon gaming or office session.



More than 10 million people pays visit to an optician each year because of CVS related problems. If you are on a computer for 2 hour each day you have 90% chance to develop a CVS. Just choosing the right monitor for your daily use can help you prevent this problem. On the other hand it also gives you the best possible comfort when you are deep in to your work.

So choose you monitor wisely, don’t forget to take breaks in between, have fun and stay healthy.

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