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January 5, 2017

The Future Of Windows 10’s UI Is All About Animations, Simplicity, and Consistency

Software Giant Microsoft is planning to bring an update for Windows 10 later this year which will refresh the User Interface of the OS. Code-named as Project Neon, it was first reported by MSPoweruser last year. Well, this time they have managed to take a closer look. 2 screenshots they published some moments ago shows that, the concept of project Neon heavily focus on animations, simplicity and consistency. 

Well this isn’t going to give you a major overhaul of Windows 10’s interface. Instead, it is a minor enhancement of the current windows 10 UI which is also known as MDL2. 

According to the report,

Microsoft is going to introduce a new [...]

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January 5, 2017

How To Change The Log-On Screen Of Your Old Windows XP/Vista/7

Ever wanted your favorite anime or gaming character to be the first thing to see when the logon screen pops up? Do you know you can do this WITHOUT ever touching the registry file? SAY HEEELOOW! to Stardock’s Log on Studio. I’ve been using this 100% free dead simple application for a long time. Remember this utility will work only for Windows XP, vista, and 7. So if you are using Windows 10 and wanna know how to change the login screen wait for our next How-To.

1. Download the application using this link.


2. Install the exe and open it.

3. Ok, so to set your own logon-screen click CREATE on the left-side. The following in the picture [...]

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December 30, 2016

Mozilla To Cut It’s Cord Of Support For Windows XP & Vista

Mozilla To Cut Its Cord Of Support For Windows XP & Vista

Mozilla has announced that it will stop delivering security updates for Windows XP and Vista users.

I myself was a Vista user until Google Chrome browser announced the same news 6 months ago. For the sake of security reasons, I switched over to a new operating system. This was hard for me as Vista is a simple and easy to use OS.

Mozilla has not yet fixed a date when they will cease their support for XP and Vista users. They will reassess the number of XP and Vista users for Mozilla in 2017 before stating an end date support for XP and Vista users.Mozilla will start off by moving users on these [...]

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December 8, 2016

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube Collaborate to Remove ‘Terrorist Content’ From Their Services

A year after taking the initiative to remove and curb the circulation of child pornographic content online, the social media giants Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Google’s Youtube are coming together to fight terrorism by removing any content that appears to be promoting terrorism or radicalisation.

The companies will create a shared database of unique digital finger prints, or “hashes”, with which they will identify and remove image, videos or any content related to terrorism easily and efficiently using companies computer systems and algorithms.

When one company identifies suspicious contents and removes them, the others will be able to use the hash to do the same [...]

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