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by Avijit BasakSeptember 6, 2016

“Android Police” gives a clear and fresh report about Google’s upcoming “Sailfish” and “Marlin” phones. Rumors about “Sailfish” and “Marlin” is been all over the month.

Just after the rumor that Google is dropping the NEXUS branding for their smartphones, this time, Android Police claims that Google’s upcoming two smartphones will be called “Pixel” and “Pixel XL.” Currently, there are three Pixel smartphones available in the market – Pixel 1, Pixel 2 and Pixel C.

It also says that,

The “Pixel” which is codenamed as “Sailfish” will come with a 5” display. However, Pixel XL, which is codenamed as “Marlin” will come with a 5.5” screen and more powerful battery.

On the other hand, another internal source says that,

The Pixel and Pixel XL are to be advertised as the first phones built by Google.

Now, here is the confusion. Because it is heard to believe that Google will now build phones of their own. Pixel will be designed by Google but “Sailfish” and “Marlin” are HTC devices. So, another confusing question is will there be any changes with design? The previous three-pixel devices were shaped square and they used a bare aluminum shell. But all the new leaked concept picture is showing a complete new design.
But the good news is it’s now sure that these new smartphones will run on Android Nougat.

                                                                        Google Pixel C

So, that’s the end for ‘NEXUS” brand?

Now as we know Google’s upcoming phone will call Pixel, the question is what will happen with NEXUS then? Will they leave the road like this?

NEXUS phones were popular because they always featured a pure Google experience. And another reason for their popularity was, the used to get android updates really faster. But as they are dropping the NEXUS brand from their smartphones, so is it the end of NEXUS?

We still can’t surely tell you that.

Besides this, what will happen to “Nexus Launcher.” It’s possible that Google was only using the NEXUS name as a placeholder or that the change was recent enough that certain project names simply are not updated yet. It is really curious and confusing.



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