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Google’s dream to bring modular smartphone Project Ara comes to an end

Google’s dream to bring modular smartphone Project Ara comes to an end

by Avijit BasakSeptember 3, 2016

Google’s dream of making a phone with interchangeable parts has been cancelled.  According to a report from VentureBeat,

Google has secretly dropped the development of its upcoming modular smartphone named Project Ara.

About three years ago, Project Ara was first announced by Motorola. It was initially developed by the company’s ATAP (Advanced Technology And Projects) division. The Project Ara was held by Google after selling Motorola mobility to Lenovo.

Project Ara is not like a smartphone that we generally use.  It’s a smartphone with “plug and play” like modules and all the parts of it can be pulled off and swapped as you see fit. You can change the part, replace it with another part or slide them as you like. Project Ara would have allowed users to upgrade individual components like the processor or the camera through a sliding mechanism on the rear of the device.

Another source says that,

Google has suspended the Project Ara so that they can concentrate on their upcoming Chromebook laptops and Pixel smartphones.

But dropping down this kind of advanced project is definitely a high-level misfire for the company’s ATAP division. Ara was announced in 2013 but then Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division was still part of Google-owned Motorolla.




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