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Say Hello! To Barbie Hologram

Say Hello! To Barbie Hologram

by Arshadina Umara NajibMarch 6, 2017

A doctor, a vet, an astronaut, a big sister and even a computer scientist, Barbie at the age of 58 has now taken the path for girls in the form of a hologram. Mattel wants to let girls experience a new way to play with Barbie and this time it means being able to play all day. The hologram will be sold on the market in late summer.

Mattel says the toy will be sold for less than $300

The hologram will feature:

  • Speech recognition
  • Give you light during night time.
  • Giving kids weather reports
  • Alarms
  • Daily reminders
  • Choreograph the doll’s dance moves.


Toy maker’s major competitors are now smartphones and tablets. So toy makers are evolving the way they make toys today. They are beginning to insert app based play into almost every toy. The public has responded with a mixed reception to these new approaches.

In 2015, Mattel launched dolls featuring mixed races

The innovation for Barbie comes as the brand’s performance has begun to face a slow decline in its sales for four consecutive years.

However, last year, sales for Barbie grew 7% to $971.8 million globally. The brand has been helped by Mattel’s focus on boosting innovation, most notably, a diverse range of Barbie’s that feature dolls with African-American, Asian, and mixed-race features that were launched in 2015. Those efforts all made Barbie more relevant to girls today.


Hopefully, boys too will also get a hologram in the form of Ken, Barbie’s boyfriend.




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