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The Future Of Windows 10’s UI Is All About Animations, Simplicity, and Consistency

The Future Of Windows 10’s UI Is All About Animations, Simplicity, and Consistency

by Shamim FerdousJanuary 5, 2017

Software Giant Microsoft is planning to bring an update for Windows 10 later this year which will refresh the User Interface of the OS. Code-named as Project Neon, it was first reported by MSPoweruser last year. Well, this time they have managed to take a closer look. 2 screenshots they published some moments ago shows that, the concept of project Neon heavily focus on animations, simplicity and consistency. 

Well this isn’t going to give you a major overhaul of Windows 10’s interface. Instead, it is a minor enhancement of the current windows 10 UI which is also known as MDL2. 

According to the report,

Microsoft is going to introduce a new component to the Windows 10 design – “Acrylic.” 

Basically it means blur in the background, sidebar or the navigation of the app. Take a look at the Groove Music screenshot, you’ll understand how the how the side-nav Acrylic changes depending on what’s behind the current app. 

The Verge’s Tom Warren describes this new UI best.

“It’s a mix of Metro, Aero Glass, OS X, and Zune elements really.”

Despite blur, this Project Neon is also focused on HoloLens and 3D. And also with UI elements related with your mouse’s movement. Microsoft will reportedly unveil more details about this change in May, at their build developer conference.

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